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Upcoming Courses

We are thrilled to be able to offer regular courses in East Dallas and at Pier 121 Marina on Lake Lewisville!

Contact our Squadron Educational Officer for more information on these upcoming courses!

 Date(s)  Time  Course  Location Cost Sign-Up
 Oct. 16, 2017
  and seven
 1800-2000  Advanced Piloting Course
Advanced Piloting is the final part of the inland and coastal navigation series. This material continues to build on the base developed in Piloting, and includes practical use of additional electronic navigation systems and other advanced techniques for finding position. Among topics covered are: finding position using bearings and angles, collision avoidance using GPS and RADAR, what to do when the electronics fail, tides, currents and wind and their effect on piloting, and electronic navigation with GPS, chart plotters, RADAR, autopilots, etc. Application of course lectures takes place through practical in-class and at-home exercises.
Cdr Tunks' home
$62, or
$72 for a couple.
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