When you join United States Power Squadrons®, you’re joining America’s Boating Club, a community that was built by boaters, for boaters.

You’re building a lifetime of memories together on the water, on shore and
by giving back to your community.

Whether you’re passionate about cruising, racing, making new friends,
volunteering in your community or learning from experienced boaters,
ABC of Dallas (or the Dallas Sail & Power Squadron) has the resources you need
to engage your passions and, perhaps, instill some new ones.

ABC of Dallas is the local chapter of the United States Power Squadrons®, America's Boating Club.

What America's Boating Club has to Offer:

The Benefits of Membership

United States Power Squadrons is America’s Boating Club, the nation’s premiere boater safety membership. Members have access to on- and off-the-water activities, cruises and rendezvous, learning opportunities, boating mentors and hands-on boating courses.

That’s the cake; this is the frosting: We’ve partnered with exclusive organizations and businesses across the country to make our members’ experience more exciting, safer and less expensive, whether you’re on the water or off.

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